In order to best satisfy your queries, we have prepared a list of the most commonly asked questions below.

How do I download the game?

You do not need to download this game, it plays directly in your browser. Go Play our Beta out now!

How do I manage privacy settings?

Please visit our privacy policy to review details. By signing up, you have previously agreed to the terms accordingly. You are eligible to delete your account should you feel it necessary by logging into the application and visiting settings, then delete account.

What is the Snakechain?

Snakechain is the currency used in SnakeRush, you play to earn it, and can buy it on exchanges to come. Currently, it is only available pre-sales, and we are open to enquiries if we like you.

What is the Purple Mushroom?

Purple Mushrooms are wild mushrooms that live deep in the mines of SnakeWorld. Snakes love them, and when they eat them, they unleash latent powers that reward Snakes with items, manifest new mushrooms or unveil the hidden worlds that exist beyond our normal perceptions.

What is the Green Mushroom?

Green Mushrooms are the lucky wild mushrooms. When Snakes eat them, they produce a positive effect - providing the Snakes with fantastic rewards: Gold, equipment, mushrooms and even golden tickets!

What are Snakeskins?

Snakeskins are available in the Skins store. Each Snakeskin has a different body design, and an associated sexiness level and special power. Snake's special powers help them unlock unique items from purple mushrooms.

Why is it called SnakeRush?

Because we like that.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A fair amount.