We are always in need of great people to join our team. Don't hesitate to contact us at snakerush@snake.com with an enquiry. We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate against any humans. However, we do reserve the right to discriminate against Snakes and Rodents, as we see fit to so do.

We are currently seeking talent to fill the positions below:

Grapic Designer

Experienced creative with both UX design and practical photoshop/illustrator skills - ideally 3D design skills as well. You need to be fun, interesting and generally reliable on most days.


Practical experiene overseeing modular continuous development & implementation. You need to know what you are doing and not make mistakes. It is imperative to not make mistakes.

Business Analyst

Oversee and develop user process designs for engineeering - spanning creative, business & IT intelligently - emphasis on intelligence.

Social Media Specialist

You need to know, and more importantly, like managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. because we don't really like to do that kinda sheets.

Unity 3D Developer

Game developer with experience in Unity 3D and ideally Photon or UNet for multiplayer management. Mostly coding more than art is required - though artistic savonticity is a plus.

Merch Lord

We need a merch overlord to source, manage and presumably help come up with cool ideas. The people need bikinis and bathroom fixtures - and they need you to bring them to reality.

Solidity Developer

Developer with experience in solidity with a record of completing EVM deployments. Don't be a stuck-up FOMO punk that simply knows it all about crypto.