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Snake Rush

The world as you know ended millennia ago. Out of the ashes, rose the Snakes. But, SnakeWorld is a harsh and desolate place. Most snakes eek out a meager existence mining for SnakeGold that is minted at the almighty Snake Bank into Snakechain. But there is a new epoch rising...

Play Snake & Mint SnakeChain

Play SnakeRush to collect and mint SnakeChain. Discover wild mushrooms that unlock special rewards including Solana & SnakeChain, but be forewarned of their occasional adverse side effects...

Create your SnakeWallet

Visit the SnakeBank to open your Snake Wallet to manage your Snakechain and Solana. With your Snake Wallet, you can ship your SnakeGold to the SnakeBank, collect crypto rewards and trade in & out of the game.

A New Take on Snake

Your favorite old-school game revisited with a fresh take. Modern style (but not too modern) & new game features like wild mushrooms, power-ups, skins, tails and more...

How to play


Meet The Snakes

The Snakes of SnakeRush are as diverse as they are devious. Pick your poison as you choose from a wide array of different Snakeskins with unique background and stories. And no, you do not need to buy them as NFTs to use them.

SnakeRush Roadmap

  • Develop Plan

    Create the overall strategy and direction for Snakechain & the Snakerush game

  • Build Game

    Build a single-player creative game that juices and improves on classic Snake game features

  • Create Wallet

    Design & Develop a user-owned wallet based on the sollet.io open-source code

  • Integrate IAP

    Develop & deploy the ability for users to purchase items with Snakechain and Solana

  • Devnet Launch

    Launch the game/Wallet/IAP on devnet with the initial coins for testing

  • Pre-Sales

    Pre-launch communications with potential partners for inclusion in Snakechain community

  • Public Sales Launch

    First public sales and token platform offerings + Community expansion

  • Beta + Community

    Expanded beta on Devnet to tune for Mainnet Laucn + Community campaigns

  • Mainnet Launch

    Launch Wallet & IAP on Mainnet: Open to all public users

  • 2nd Game Dev

    Develop and Launch a 2nd game in Snakerush - likely multiplayer

Much more... (Read our whitepaper for details)